Marshall Steakhouse, established in Marshall County, MS, has selected The Lake District in Lakeland, TN as its prime second steakhouse location. Voted consistently each year since opening “Mississippi’s best steakhouse” the organization opened up in Marshall County and has been looking for expansion opportunities. Owner and operator, Randall Swaney is no stranger to business, and is leveraging his vision and passion for great steaks to expand his brand into other markets. “The Lake District is ideal for us,” says Swaney. My business model is to locate each steakhouse along a well-traveled interstate and this location will be visible to the 65k cars that travel in and out of Memphis daily on I-40,” he says. Swaney’s Marshall Steakhouse has been named the best steakhouse in Mississippi by the Food Network and voted “best steak” by the Mississippi Beef Council in 2019 and 2020. It is Swaney’s goal to carry this exceptional award-winning concept to other markets that may be underserved in growing areas. “Our flagship in Marshall County serves so many people, and we are in such demand, that we usually have an hour wait or more and at times we have to close our parking lot to people trying to get in because we’re sold out,” Swaney said. Adding another location in Lakeland seems like an ideal expansion opportunity and Swaney says he likes the masterplan and overall concept of a built-in walkable residential community like The Lake District.

The Lake District’s Marshall Steakhouse will carry the original name, look and feel of the original, casual, family style dining with quality food and USDA prime steaks. The Lake District location will look and feel just like what’s in N. Mississippi and will include an on-site brewery, a retail store and large bar, and a 100 seat private room upstairs for weddings, parties, corporate dinners and events.  The steakhouse will hold 340 customers, and occupy  7,800 s.f. on two levels. “It’s an incredible opportunity for any investors that want to help us expand outside of Marshall County, and we have plans to open on similar sites just on the outskirts of cities like Birmingham, Dallas, Charlotte, Atlanta and Nashville,” says Swaney. He attributes his success in Mississippi to hard work, knowing what customers want, and providing the highest quality USDA prime beef that is grilled over a hardwood charcoal pit. The steakhouse also has a variety of food on the menu including fresh seafood, salads, soups and desserts. “People don’t leave Marshall Steakhouse hungry,” says Swaney. On weekends, when the steakhouse closes, Marshall opens “Marshall Roadhouse” for late night live music and drinks. This is a new concept that has been successful and plans will be to incorporate this into the Lakeland location as well. “Live music is very popular and we don’t have enough options so with the Brewery concept, we think this will be big for Lakeland,”says Swaney.

The Lake District’s developer, Yehuda Netanel, says this steakhouse addition is a game changer for Lakeland. “Lakeland needs quality, locally-owned and operated restaurants and retailers who understand the multi-location model and understand the dynamic growth happening in N. Shelby County. Marshall Steakhouse will be a huge asset to the area,” says Netanel. It will be located on one of the development’s outparcels close to I-40 with plenty of parking and signage which is an important factor to tenants. Netanel says there are some other pending leases and more announcements will be made soon as to the progress being made. “Our mature trees are being planted, spring is coming and so much is under construction and people are now finally about to see things come to fruition which is certainly exciting for everyone,” he says. The Lake District is one of the largest developments in Shelby County and will soon be home to over 2,500 residents. The built-in, walkable community is attractive to retail and the first phase is expected to start opening this year. The weather has forced some delays, but Netanel is confident the project will accelerate quickly going forward.

Marshall Steakhouse at The Lake District has aggressive plans to try and open by the end of 2021. “It’s aggressive I know, but we cut our teeth in Marshall County and we know what works and how to be the most efficient. We will duplicate our branding and look and feel so we know exactly how we want to design this new steakhouse for Lakeland and we’re ready to deliver,” says Swaney.

For more information on Marshall Steakhouse visit and for complete information on The Lake District, visit www.TheLakeDistrict.US.