The Shelby County Chamber ALLIANCE is comprised of the six suburban chambers of commerce in Shelby County and the Memphis metro population representing the municipalities of Arlington, Bartlett, Collierville, Germantown, Lakeland and Millington as well as the unincorporated portions of the county. These municipalities are all joined by the 385/I-269 Corridor. The Alliance’s mission is to encourage and sustain economic growth within the outer ring of Shelby County, this 385/I-269 corridor.

In total the area encompasses 470 square miles and has a population of roughly 285,000. Most of the land is undeveloped and build out estimates for the area could easily exceed half a million people.

The 385/I-269 Corridor is one of the fastest growing areas within the Memphis Metro market in terms of population – experiencing a 15% increase from 2000 to 2018. It is also recognized as the Metro area’s primary location for economic activity for the next quarter century.

The Corridor is home to numerous growth industries including medical technology, agribusiness, logistics, energy, and information technology. Entrepreneurialism has a long history in the Memphis metro population and the Corridor is nurturing many businesses that are on the cutting edge in developing new technologies and markets. Regional, national and international headquarters all have a strong presence in the Corridor due to both the success of local companies and relocating corporations.

The dynamic potential of the Corridor is just now in its beginning phase and the future is indeed bright. Each individual member of the Alliance takes responsibility for defining its strengths and establishing its economic goals. Yet its members work closely together to ensure that the Corridor reaches its full potential by promoting its assets and ensuring that local, state and federal entities are doing their part for a sustainable economy.

We encourage businesses to explore the advantages that exist within the 385/I-269 Corridor and to contact us about the opportunities that await your business in this dynamic area.


385/I-269 Corridor - Contains

  • Largest Manufacturer
  • Largest FedEx Customer
  • Largest Computer Fulfillment Center
  • Largest IT Research Facility
  • Largest Life Science Cluster
  • Third Longest Airport Runway in Tennessee

Suburban Shelby County - Contains

  • Numerous $ Billion + National & International Corporate Headquarters
  • Abundant Commercial and Industrial Real Estate
  • One of the Largest Concentrations of Educated & Skilled Workforce in Tennessee
  • Six Municipal School Systems All Ranked Above the State Average in Test Scores
  • Among the Best Commercial & Industrial Infrastructure in the State
  • An Excellent Quality of Life as Ranked in Numerous National Publications
  • 2,400 Suburban Shelby County Chamber Members


  • MEMPHIS METRO MSA: 1,350,000 (2018 Estimate)
  • SHELBY COUNTY: 936,000
  • SUBURBAN SHELBY COUNTY: 286,000 (21% of MSA, 31% of County)

Select Suburban Communities Ranked by Population in Tennessee

  • 01 – Memphis
  • 10 – Bartlett
  • 13 – Collierville
  • 14 – Germantown

Estimated Buildout Population for 385/I-269 Corridor

Community Population
Arlington 70,000
Bartlett 85,000
Collierville 80,000
Germantown 50,000
Lakeland 50,000
Millington 75,000
Unincorporated 150,000

Within 5 Miles of Intersection - Business

Intersection Businesses Employees
I-40 & TN 385 337 5,800
Hwy 51 & TN 385 594 12,920
Germantown Rd & Hwy 70 3,289 43,455
Poplar & Dogwood 7,114 117,849
Poplar & Hwy 72 1,974 29,592
TOTALS 13,308 209,616

Within 5 Miles of Intersection - Residential

Intersection Households Median Income
I-40 & TN 385 3,396 $68,794
Hwy 51 & TN 385 7,766 $52,540
Germantown Rd & Hwy 70 37,692 $73,850
Poplar & Dogwood 64,078 $67,131
Poplar & Hwy 72 20,282 $102,429
TOTALS 133,214 US AVG (2006)


The Shelby County Chamber Alliance serves as an advisory body for each participating chamber of commerce on legislative and policy issues that affect the business community along the TN 385/I-269 Corridor of Shelby County.


EDGE partners with The Shelby County Chamber Alliance on economic development in our greater area.