Lakeland officials have begun the process of limiting the number of future gas stations and apartments, while also adjusting the required mix of residential lots in some future neighborhoods.

In addition to the new Land Development Regulations, the suburb’s Board of Commissioners also approved installation of new playground equipment at Oak Ridge Park this spring.

They took both actions at the board’s meeting Thursday, Feb. 11. The changes to the Land Development Regulations were brought to the floor by Commissioner Jim Atkinson and received unanimous approval.

“I think these are three very simple fixes to three very big problems,” Atkinson said during a work session last week. “There are certain things that just jump out, that we’re always talking about or always arguing about. There is great dissent in the public over a lot of these things.”

Atkinson said the fixes are stopgap measures for projects that come before the city while the regulations and comprehensive plans are reworked. During the discussion, Commissioner Wesley Wright added a fourth requirement – that any wet detention basins include a fountain.

The amendments will go to the city’s Planning Commission and the Board of Commissioners in the coming months.

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