Germantown leaders see purchasing 44 acres for a park on the south side of town as more than just creating a sports complex.

The property on Crestwyn Hills could become a “domino,” driving development while accomplishing goals outlined in the Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master Plan aldermen adopted in 2018. As the city developed and approved the long-term plan, the public said they wanted more opportunities for recreational youth sports.

“We think we have to create a premier facility that expands Germantown residents’ access to high-quality sports assets,” Pam Beasley, parks and recreation director, told the suburb’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen in a recent work session. “Some of our park amenities — though we have many and though we have nice – some of them don’t meet the quality of expectation from our citizens nor from the Germantown brand. We want to fix that.”

If the city acquires the land and moves soccer there, C.O. Franklin Park, Bobby Lanier Farm Park, Cloyes Park, Oaklawn Garden and the Soccerplex on C.D. Smith on the eastern edge of Old Germantown would be redesigned to work better cohesively. Alderwoman Mary Anne Gibson said some goals could be accomplished without purchasing the complex, but not to the desired degree.

“Those hopes and dreams the (Germantown) Charity Horse Show has of making and expanding their facilities, that can’t be accomplished without moving the tennis courts. And what soccer needs right now can’t be accomplished unless those soccer fields are combined and brought into a long field complex somewhere,” Gibson said.

The long-field complex would be about 2 miles from Mike Rose Soccer Complex, but Beasley said the city never wanted to compete with the 136-acre site at East Shelby Drive and Forest Hill-Irene Road. Mike Rose was part of the steering committee for the master plan. The Germantown site could generate revenue acting as an overflow space for the Mike Rose fields.

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