The Grove at GPAC Announces Fall Season With Concerts, Film Screenings and Family Entertainment

The Grove at Germantown Performing Arts Center (GPAC) has announced its inaugural season of programming.

The outdoor venue will host a mix of concerts, film screenings, food-themed events and family entertainment each Wednesday through Sunday. Things will kickoff starting September 16 and running through October 18. In addition, tickets for all events go on sale Friday.

Opened unofficially earlier this summer, the $7.5 million venue is designed to be a functional and versatile twin of the indoor stage at GPAC, which opened in 1994.

Since June, The Grove has offered a series of limited-capacity film screenings and concert performances as a trial for the new venue amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The events, which have continued through the summer, were deemed both safe and successful enough to proceed with a full season of programming.

The Grove at GPAC Will Hold 300 Patrons

The Grove boasts a covered 70-foot-wide Duncan Williams Asset Management Stage constructed in the woodsy area just north of the performing arts center. And, a First Horizon Foundation Plaza with a covered bar area with seats, room for food trucks and a performance space for small combos.

Under normal conditions, the venue’s TruGreen Lawn capacity would be 1,200. The capacity for The Grove’s summer events was heavily restricted. For example, starting at just a dozen patrons and slowly expanding to several hundred per event. As a result, GPAC officials are taking a fairly conservative approach to social distancing guidelines.

The venue has settled on a Shelby County Health Department-approved capacity of 300 patrons for all events moving forward. The Grove’s most recent events in August all sold out. Therefore, they expect the fall season to sell out quickly as well.

For more information on The Grove at GPAC Fall Season, please check out the full article from the Commercial Appeal.

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