ARK Farms Bartlett
Circle of Life: Kids Thrive Helping Animals Survive

Nestled away on a 54-acre parcel of land located at the end of a gravel road in Bartlett lies ARK Farms, an agrarian nonprofit that aims to grow the spirits of disenfranchised youths.

Starting in 2013, ARK Farms helps young people in the community build empowering skills through work with rescue animals. As a result, providing both emotional support and marketable skills the kids can use later in life.

An ecosystem concept is one of the main themes at ARK Farms. Most importantly, the center of that ecosystem is the farm’s rescue horses.

All Animals Serve A Purpose at ARK Farms in Bartlett

Even the smaller animals like the chickens serve their purpose by eating the fly eggs and the ticks out of the manure around the barn. In addition, the ducks eat the mosquito larvae off of the water sources.

Meanwhile, the manure goes in the garden, where they grow fruits and vegetables for families in need. Plants in turn also provide nectar and pollen for the bees. Bees produce honey, which is sold to help pay for animal feed and farm support.

While this ecosystem serves an obvious practical purpose, it also operates as a functional metaphor for the kids on the farm.

Despite the pandemic, the more than 150 rescue animals who call the farm home still need to be cared for. That’s where a small but faithful team of volunteers mostly consisting of kids who have been with program for several years comes into play.

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