Three medical device expansion projects are currently underway within the NE Shelby County I-40 Corridor that total over $30 million in capital expenditures. Engineered Medical Systems (EMS) in Bartlett, Onyx Medical in Shelby Oaks and Wright Medical in Arlington are in various stages of construction that nearly doubles the size of each respective operation. These three companies represent the most visible expansions given that they are enlarging their footprints. However, most all of the medical device manufacturers in the I-40 Corridor and beyond are experiencing growth by adding new equipment and employees.  

“We’re seeing a very healthy market for our members”, says Roy Smith, Executive Director, for the Greater Memphis Medical Device Council (GMMDC), that is allowing many of them to grow their manufacturing capacity and create new jobs”. “In 2015 EDGE commissioned a study to determine the impact of the medical device industry on the local Memphis economy. That study revealed an estimated annual impact of $2.7 BILLION and nearly 17,000 direct and indirect jobs. I think it’s safe to say that number has definitely increased”.  

In addition to the capital investment, more than 100 jobs will be created.

The Greater Memphis Medical Device Council (GMMDC) is a non-profit organization with the mission of providing a pipeline of highly trained, talented workers that meet the needs of the medical device companies in our area. GMMDC is a partner in GMACWorkforce’s MOVE-HIRE program, a $6 million grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Labor, to address the challenge of future growth limited by the supply of skilled workers in critical career pathways.  

GMMDC works closely with local technical training centers including Southwest Tennessee Community College, Tennessee College of Applied Technology, Moore Tech, ASU Mid-South and the University of Memphis. Efforts by the GMMDC led to the funding for a new TCAT Bartlett campus that will offer training on CNC machining that will feed directly into the industry.