For decades, HeartBeat-CPR President and CEO Wardell Seals Jr. has been teaching people across the Mid-South how to save a life. Earlier this year, he relocated his business from East Memphis to a larger office in Bartlett, which will allow for future growth.

Seals began his career working as an EMT supervisor at a Mississippi hospital in the mid-1980s and then joined the Jackson Fire Department in Jackson, Mississippi, in 1986. He moved to Memphis in 1991 and joined the Memphis Fire Department, then started his own business in 1994 in Memphis offering emergency services training.

He still works as an emergency medical services paramedic/firefighter with the Memphis Fire Department.

“Working as a paramedic and arriving on the scene, I saw the need to teach people how to save a life because in many cases, if someone had just tried to do something it could’ve saved that victim’s life versus just waiting for the paramedics to arrive,” Seals said.

He decided to begin teaching after he responded to a call involving his wife’s father, who had passed out in the bathtub and was unresponsive with no breathing or pulse, and did not survive.

In April, the business moved from 1661 International Drive in East Memphis to 1255 Lynnfield Road in Bartlett.

“The new office is more conducive for my business,” Seals said. “I’m able to expand, and we have our own private conference room and training room.”

Services offered by HeartBeat include classes for groups and individuals on CPR, first aid, fire safety training, stress management and OSHA standards to protect workers against health hazards related to bloodborne pathogens. Classes combine lectures, audio and visual presentations, attendee participation and class discussions.

In some emergencies, Seals says a person may have a heartbeat but not be breathing, so knowing how to read the signs and apply the proper technique is critical. He teaches about chest compressions and using an automatic external defibrillator, as well as stress management for friends and family members of someone who is having a heart attack.

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