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bartlett schoolsBartlett City Schools will use the summer months with students away from classes to make more than $1.6 million in improvements at several campuses.

Last June, the board approved a five-year capital improvements plan estimated at about $40 million. The district anticipated spending $12.5 million on CIP projects this year, including several that receive board approvals Thursday night.

“It’s all of our summer work that we’re trying to get in,” Stephens said. “Bartlett’s buildings are pretty old, so we have a lot of capital needs. We really try to stay on top and maintain and not let things get away from us.”

One of the district’s oldest schools, Ellendale Elementary, built in 1976, will see the most work.

Crews will remove old tile and asbestos-laden material underneath the center section of the school. New tile and furniture will go into the school’s 23,800-square-foot original building.

“Bon Lin has been problematic. I think it was even before (the campuses) were Bartlett City Schools. Those parking lots have been terrible,” Stephens said.

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