Back to Back Framework for Memphis & Shelby County

Working through the Joint COVID-19 Task Force, Shelby County Government, the City of Memphis and the six suburban municipalities have implemented proactive measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by novel coronavirus. These measures have helped mitigate the progression of the disease locally. Click here for more information.

COVID-19 Compliant Protocol

All entities will be required to adhere to this protocol,
which will be posted in the checklist format for entities to print and utilize. The standards may be revised from time to time, based on date and expert recommendations. Click here for protocol information.

A Grid Back to Business Framework for Memphis & Shelby County

Adherence to the COVID-19 Compliant Protocol (CCP) is mandatory for all sectors at all phases.  This grid outlines further restrictions or conditions unique to each specific sector.  In the coming days, the Back to Business Subgroup of the Joint COVID-19 Task Force will discuss additional guidelines with groups representing each sector.  The grid is meant to be a framework for moving forward, and only forecasts phasing while the community is deemed to remain under threat of
a COVID-19 outbreak (i.e, before a vaccine, therapy, therapy, or other conditions dictate that all restrictions cease.)  Separation between phases shall be a minimum of two weeks.  Leadership may decide, based on data, to delay implementation of a phase until satisfied that it is safe to move to the next phase, but shall not, even with improving metrics, accelerate a transition between phases.  Leadership may also decide to each more restrictive conditions based on data. Click here for Sector Specific Phasing.