Shelby County residents have a wide range of opinions on safer-at-home orders, the reopening of businesses, and the coronavirus in general.

Suburban business owners are no different, according to the leaders of three local chambers of commerce.

“We have one or two members who probably would be out there at one of those protest rallies … [but most] others understand this is a situation where no one really knows what to do,” Bartlett Area Chamber of Commerce president John Threadgill said.

Arlington Chamber of Commerce director Tonia Howell said business owners in her town largely understood the need for safer-at-home orders when they were instituted because they agreed hospitals must be protected from an exponential surge.

Now that the virus isn’t spreading as quickly, Howell said chamber members have been very supportive of Mayor Mike Wissman, who has been vocal in the past week about the need to reopen.

“[Some people are saying], ‘If we don’t get businesses open again, I’m going to lose my business,'” Howell said. “[People think], we’ve taken care of the health community. Now we’ve got to take care of the business community.”

Howell said most people are still taking the virus seriously but think they can do so without as tight of regulations.

Collierville Chamber of Commerce CEO Mark Heuberger said business owners in his town are taking the virus seriously but those who own non-essential ones are also anxious to reopen.

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