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Rick Jamison understands that Santa Claus has a serious and important job.

For about a decade, he’s helped thousands of kids experience the magic of the season.

“It’s amazing to see Christmas through the eyes of a child,” he said. “Children will make you cry or tickle you to death.”

“Santa Rick,” as he’s known to some, watched many of the children in Collierville, and other parts of Shelby County, grow up. And it’s not just magical for the young ones. He said sometimes adults come and “spill their guts on things going on in their life.”

But there are some tricks of the trade for those like him, a series of answers that keep children on their toes, but also are noncommittal enough to keep the little ones guessing about what Santa knows.

Last year, despite canceled gatherings and pandemic restrictions, he was just as busy as any season. Many parents invited him to their homes to see their children for an annual photo.

“They saw how good it is for the children, that most of them continued (this year),” he said.

His love for Christmas was cultivated at a young age. During September, his father would begin playing the festive carols. At age 15, Jamison knew his calling.

“I’ve always loved children,” the 70-year-old said. “I don’t know why.”


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