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The Germantown Municipal School District recorded the second-highest ACT scores in the state in the most recent results, finishing out of the top spot for the first time since the district’s inception in 2014.

Williamson County, just outside Nashville, finished with an average composite score of 24.9, compared to 24.3 for students at Houston High in Germantown, GMSD’s only high school.

About 71% of GMSD students scored 21 or better — the state’s benchmark for college or career readiness. It is also the minimum score required for the Tennessee Lottery scholarship, often called the HOPE scholarship.

The highest possible score a student can earn is a 36, but it is rare.

Students from Collierville Schools earned the third-highest average score at 23.3, and 65.5% of students scored a 21 or better.

Arlington students also performed well. The district had the seventh-highest composite score in the state. Students scored an average 21.5 and 55.2% of students reached the state’s readiness mark.

Bartlett students scored an average of 19.6 and nearly 38% of students scored at least a 21.

In Millington, the average score was 19.3 and 39% of students reached the state benchmark.

Since the pandemic, not all colleges and universities have required the ACT for entry. Therefore, participation has decreased in recent years, but the state saw 96% participation.

“While we know the effects of the pandemic are still being felt, especially by this class of students, we are proud of the collective efforts to ensure our students to have every opportunity to be prepared for and to take the ACT,” Tennessee Education Commissioner Penny Schwinn said in a release. “We know Tennessee will continue to increase participation in college readiness testing to ensure our students are post-secondary ready.”

Bartlett was one of 17 districts in Tennessee with 100% participation. Arlington, Collierville and Germantown each had 99% of students take the standardized test. In Millington, 88% of students took the test.


By , Daily Memphian | Published: December 15, 2021