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2020 is a big year for the Town of Collierville – it marks the 150th anniversary of its 1870 incorporation and 150 years of continued growth is reason to celebrate.

The town kicked off the year-long celebration with a “Shine a Light” themed party at the Depot on the Square on February 17th, where residents and business owners alike came out to reminisce on the rich history of Collierville and to “shine a light” on the bright future of the next 150 years. 

The party was followed on February 20th by a sold-out luncheon for members of the Collierville Chamber of Commerce that was both informative and fun as representatives of the Town of Collierville offered unique perspectives on the town’s 150 years of growth.

These were the first of many events in Collierville’s “Shine a Light” themed celebration with the intention of paying tribute to the past and shining a light on the greatest parts of the community for the future.

Visit to learn more about upcoming Shine a Light events, as well as the history of Collierville.

For more information on the 150th celebration party and luncheon, please read the following article from The Daily Memphian: